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2:01 PM

Hello Blog, how are you doing?

I'm writing again because I was feeling nostalgic about my old blog, I always do when my birthday approaches for some reason! So right now I'm with a bowl of lentil soup on the kitchen counter, waiting for the angrier rain to stop, so that I can go out and buy chocolate (Always great to have a free Monday). 

Berlin is being super grey lately, but somehow the idea of spring being so close (and yet so far away!) permits me not to fall into a kind of "wintery sadness". 

I thought I'd pop by with this outfit, I spend way too much time on Instagram so I always post anything there, but I like having something on my blog as well! 
I love this top so much and need to wear it more often, but I also need a good weather for that. haha The skirt is also something I got last year from & Other Stories, which is probably one of my favorite shops ever, but for which I always need to put money aside because it's so expensive (the quality is SO good tho!). 

If you are here for some reason (if yes, thank you for being here :D), do people still read blogs nowadays? I feel like I stopped writing here also because I stopped reading other blogs as well. In fact, being mostly on Instagram, I also like to follow my favorite bloggers and what not on there more than here. 

Anyway, let's see how long it passes before I come back, hopefully not too long! 

Hope to see you soon..

With Love,



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