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Hello beautiful people, I decided I'd try putting out some blog posts during the festive season and do Blogmas this year! I think I already tried doing it once in the past and it was obviously really challenging (I guess it will be now since I don't post as often anymore), but also fun, so let's see how this goes.

What better way to begin than with something sweet and cozy, right? One day I found myself craving something sweet and homemade, and didn't have many fancy ingredients at hand! So I started looking for super easy vegan banana bread recipes and I found this one from a BBC site and just wanted to give my personal version of it!

First of all, here are the Ingredients! I thought this way you can just save the photo or screenshot it, if you want to try it yourself :)

Now here's the Method:

Preheat the oven to 200°C!

Start mashing the bananas and add the oil and sugar to it. 
Make sure you are using ripe bananas: the original recipe didn't add any milk, but I tried both methods and recommend adding at least 3 Tsp of non-dairy milk to the wet mixture. If the bananas are not ripe enough, then add 5 Tsp of milk.

Add flour, baking powder, a pinch of salt and the spices of your choice. 

Once it's all mixed, add the nuts or chocolate chips, or ideally both of them, since the cozy chocolate and crunch of the nuts go super well together. Don't be shy with the chocolate!

Grease a baking tray, spread the mixture evenly and bake for first 20 mins at 180°. Check the cake and add a foil if it gets brown, then let for 10/15 more mins. 
It really depends on the oven though, so taking a look after the first 20 mins is key!

Let it cool if you're strong enough (or eat it right after as I do) and enjoy with a lovely tea this winter season, I'm currently still dreaming about it.

So that's all from me! Let me know if you do it too aaaand I wish you a lovely Sunday! :)

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