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Hello, Blog!

Today I want to share with you the dress I thrifted last Friday (pretty proud of this find, honestly), in one of my ideal and favorite colors for clothing EVER!

In fact the color was the first thing I spotted while browsing around the only thrift shop I go to here in Berlin, in Nollendorfplatz: a kind of grayish light blue? Yes, please.

I first thought it was a short dress and then slowly I took it out from the place where it was with the other dresses, and this maxi dress appeared in all its beauty! haha I am really unsure if I should bring it somewhere and transform it into a mini dress (still with that killer slit, obviously) or if I should let it like this.. what do you think would look best?

There are some point in which is not as tight as it probably should be, like around my waist, but overall I was so thrilled to bring it home with me, looking probably like a Gollum while walking to the cashier when I was in the shop. With this dress on, I actually feel like some kind of princess or old goddess!

Also, do you see that happy face? Is the face of someone who just bought a ticket to see Dead Can dance! So happy I could grab one, from my teenage years (when I discovered them) I always thought of them as a band I could never see before they stopped playing live, and I have a list of that kind of artists! I know that they're not that old yet, but my teenage brain was still worried haha

Anyway, I hope you're having an amazing Sunday! There's a gorgeous weather here in Berlin, and I hope I can enjoy it a bit outside later.

See you soon :)

With Love,


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