You fill up my senses like a night in a forest, like the mountains in springtime, like a walk in the rain

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Hello Blog,

I´m coming to you today with one of my favorite things ever: nature, nature, NATURE! And also to give you a few updates about how I spent/ am spending these days! 🌿

So.. Summer is really slowly coming to an end, and I have to admit, this has been one of my best summers in the last years. I have tried to take every opportunity (meaning a nice blue sky, for example) to run to the first nature spot, to do some nice outdoor activities in general, or just eat ice cream!

I am probably calling this summer "great" because, let´s just say it, Berlin has been blessed with a consistent nice weather for the first time since I came here (if I don´t count the first August I moved here, which was too short to take conclusions!).

First of all, I had my beloved trip to Italy in July, and I enjoyed every second of it! Coming back to my family and friends, it´s just a refreshing part of my life honestly. 

We did go to the beach with friends (the more I grow up, the more I start to love the sea.. it must be something that has to do with age and melancholy haha), celebrated my father´s birthday and enjoyed a lot of sun (and food, as per usual).

Then here in Berlin we usually love to go to the biggest lake, Wannsee, or smaller ones around the city!

Usually close to the lakes or rivers you can find beautiful little woods or occasionally even bigger forests. I got to see most recently even the summery Botanical Garden, which was oh so pretty! I went there for the first time on my birthday (in March) and we unfortunately only saw name tags of plants, but nothing grown yet! haha so it was a kind of game, try to imagine what the plant would look like!

If I could have had more time and resources, I would have certainly taken a trip to somewhere else in Germany or even to closer countries, but hey, to each its time, right?

So about the update: if you remember, I started working in a bookshop a year and a half ago, having a beautiful experience with books of all types, speaking to different people each day. "Unfortunately", I felt like a change, maybe a big one or smaller, I am a confused bean and can´t understand the most normal things apparently and what life wants to offer me in general, but I am hoping something exciting! So I am leaving the job and I´ll have a free September.. it sounds like a song, "Free September", I´ll see what I can do with it! haha I honestly hope I can spam my blog with some posts having more free time then, but I don´t trust myself too much! :D

I wish you all a beautiful day :)

With Love,


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