You Tear the World in Two

12:47 PM

Today I´m coming at you with my little red dress purchased while I was sick in bed, dreaming of better days. Now, obviously, I am enjoying it in all its beauty and I am SO glad I bought it! 

To be honest, that day I sat down on my laptop and started looking around for nice vintage/retro looking dresses, something that would look pretty, sexy but also classy at the same time. I will also say that I would have never thought of buying a red dress, because I have always been afraid it would be too much "in your face" and that it wouldn´t even suit me. 
But then I saw this

It is beautifully perfect for what it shows or doesn´t show (the classy part) and it fits like a glow (the sexy part)! The only thing I am going to do on this dress is make it a little shorter: sometimes there are so many cute midi dresses and I just personally don´t like the look of them on me. So it will become a cute not-too-mini dress and I assure you it will be even better! Of course it won´t look as vintage as now, but honestly I was mostly in love with the cut on the upper part, so I have zero problems with cutting it a little on the lower part :) (I unfortunately can´t find it on Asos anymore though, probably because it was mostly sold out when I ordered it)

Paired with these glasses, the look was even more completed! Got it on Nora NYC :)

Hope you're having a great day so far.. I unfortunately have bad working internet at home and had to come catch up on some email at a random Starbucks. 

See you next time!!




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