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Hello, Blog, 

long time no see!

I thought I would write down all I have in mind right now, and make a little challenge I want to start a bit more official.. so what better place for this than my sweet blog?

First of all, I am currently getting out of a weird situation in which I got some kind of infection that reached my kidneys, keeping me mostly in bed for more than a week. In fact, I am currently listening to Sugarcubes and waiting for the exact time in which I need to take my antibiotics, how fun! haha

But you may have experienced this too, when you are healing from something and have more time with yourself, you will start making plans for as soon as you get better. That was me these days, especially making plans about my health and eating habits. Also a little tip, if you're feeling pretty shitty, purchasing a red dress online for when you'll get back on track will make you feel better, I just tried it and it seems to work!

So summer already started, but as soon as June approaches it just gets kind of official, like you're getting the real deal. My summer will consist of working, trying to fit some small getaways with my boyfriend or friends here and there, and going to Italy to my parents and friends in the beginning of July for nearly two weeks (really excited!!). Now, one of the things we need in order to enjoy life in general, even more in summer, is a stability with food and exercise, so you can always feel comfortable in your own body and live with a healthy mindset. 
I guess my mindset was a bit ruined by this week of no workouts or walks, and my relationship and balance with food has always been really easy to distract: I am an emotional or moody eater, also I love all kinds of food, that's my kind of problem!

During these days, a lot of bread and oil was involved, so here I am now, ready to kick my ass.
My plan is to lower extremely my intake of refined sugar, processed foods and bread. Why this? These seems to be the things that affect/slow down my digestive system (and I guess the one of most of us) and to be the major cause of the fat my body doesn't really need. The kind of foods I mean are sweets and weird chocolates, junk food, store-bought sauces, fried things, bread and normal pasta. Instead I'll do more veggies, more whole foods like potatoes and rice, wholewheat or gluten free pasta, more colors overall.  

I am a sporty person and I LOVE movement in all its forms: I will go to the gym any time I get the chance to before or after work, and I mostly concentrate on weight training and a bit of cardio here and there. What I want to add to that is long walks! I do go for a walk from time to time, but according to my experience, the long walks are my own secret for reducing the fat percentage on the legs. Doing weights is great to shape your muscles and much more, but the cardio I do right now at the gym is a "give it all you can for a short amount of time, 'till you become a tomato", and this is the cardio that will only burn your most recent source of energy, the lunch or breakfast you just had. For a nice burning effect on your stubborn fat, one or two hour long walks will be a savior. And I love them anyways, I used to take long walks while in high school to avoid studying haha Partly joking, they feel liberating and great, so I am really excited to get them back in my routine!

About posts, I am planning in getting a nice tripod, so I can shoot some looks outside.. what would you think? It's not the easiest thing to find places that are both pretty and not full of people in Berlin, but it's summer and I can still explore!
I am getting a few nice pieces for this summer and I'm still in the look for more things, but I'm planning get them slowly (bank account permitting haha). The theme for this summer will be definitely still comfy, but bold colors or shapes. A bit out of the comfort zone, but also getting back to my old love of short skirts and dresses. Maybe mature  for some choices, but also a bit teenage-like in others.

Well, the time to take the pill has now come, I only have a few days left for this burden. :D

I wish you a gorgeous weekend wherever you are, and I hope to see you soon!

With Love,


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  1. D: Oh no! Sorry to hear you've been sick... I hope you're better now. It's always great seeing your posts <3 :)


    1. Not as great as seeing your comments!! :D <3
      I'm super ready to get back to my normal life, and also to make a post about all the stuff I bought during this time to make me feel better hahah #notminimalistatall