Pink Flowers

1:33 PM

Yesterday was a really relaxing day for me and my apartment was full of beautiful flowers, so I thought what better moment to shoot something for fun? :)

I was talking with my boyfriend the other day, and we both realized how much we like to stay either together or alone between us, and so rarely with other friends. This was actually not always like this, even because we actually met thanks to these meetings with friends! But sometimes I´ll  work during the week and in my free time I´ll just try to find some time for my passions (reading, working out, playing music..) and that´s exactly enough time to fill the weekend. Somehow sad, somehow not!

Connected to that, I somehow started thinking that I have clothes I´d like to wear to go out for an evening, but they just stay in my closet mostly untouched (also because Winter was so cold!). 

Well soon - actually next week - will be my birthday, so if I had even just a little bit of desire to hang out for an evening with my boyfriend or friends, I can certainly do it. If you read my blog since a while, you´ll know I celebrate the birthday week. I love how I (and my mom too) just invented this because we love to treat ourselves. And what better occasion than the birthday week, because only one day is not enough!!

For the look I´m wearing:

Weekday - Mash top
Asos - Skirt

I hope you are having a great start of the week :)

See you around next time..

With Love,


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