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11:57 AM

Thought I would have posted first the "What I got from London" post, but apparently I became too lazy to edit the photos and opted for a more creative post like this! haha

I had this spring outfit in mind since a while now and wanted to try it out before the actual spring would come. I honestly feel so hyped for the warmer days. The last weeks of Winter are always so draining and feel so eternal, in a negative way. 

I like to use my posts as a little diary page as well, so lets start with a flash news from today! 
This morning I was waiting for my train to get to work and the station where I usually need to take it is a quite central one with a lot of people. While I was standing, I hear a strange noise and as if someone hit me with something on my back and right arm. Well, that was pigeon poop.. not one pigeon, but a large group of them who decided to poop on my favorite and relatively new green coat!!!
Let me tell you, pigeon poop smells awful. haha I guess you already knew that, but it´s nice to spread awareness. I will certainly bring my coat to wash tomorrow and walk around with it to go home today (because remember, it´s still winter).

I am happy that spring is getting closer because it also means "birthday" for me and after that a really nice short trip I booked for myself. Really curious to see what I will do on my first solo trip, but I have nice expectations (not too high though haha). 

Although I don´t want to re-become too much of a "fashion blogger", I still can tell you that the jumpsuit is from last summer from Asos, the hat from Topshop and the shirt is an old one I don´t use outside anymore from Primark. I have now an updated similar one and of really soft silk from & Other Stories

As you see, I like to make posts with things I personally purchase now. That way I know what I am buying and that is of a nice quality (most of the times at least) and I don´t get my wardrobe full of stuff I´d never wear out of my room - so no to all wholesale shops who still try to reach at me! Now you can undertand why I don´t post as often ootds as I used to :)

I feel like that was enough for today!

I wish you a beautiful day, or at least better than how mine started :D

With Love,


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