Shining Bright - February 2K18 London Diary

12:27 PM

As you may have understood by now, I'm in London since a few days already.. and have a few more left! :) Since you can already find most of them on Instagram as well (@pollyalba), I just thought I'd post some of the pictures I took with some descriptions and thoughts.

First of all, my brother, his girlfriend and their cat live here, so that is a big plus and makes the trip a real vacation. Being this my second trip to London, I didn't go too crazy on the exploration but really just enjoyed more the hidden neighborhoods, even the raw parts, which are in my opinion even prettier than the big buildings or commercial areas! I find the houses here so fascinating and different, nearly like doll houses, if that makes sense? Although I personally think they're esthetically pleasing, I also believe they're most of the times not too comfortable to live in.

We cook mostly at home, and that's great since I love the vegetarian and vegan options in the english supermarkets! Don't get me wrong, you can find loads of veggie things in Berlin as well (I think it's one of the most vegan cities in Europe!), but you'll obviously find different things. For example vegan Cheddar cheese in England and vegan Curry-wurst in Germany!

England's being incredibly cold these days, which it's something I'm also used to in Berlin, but being this a more humid and different kind of cold, you can see in the following photo how I reacted clothing wise haha So difficult to dress up cute when you're suffering the low temperatures!

Despite the fact that I'm super mainstream and love all the "Pret a Manger" in town (especially their salads!!), another aesthetically thing about London are all the little pubs and Cafes, usually with a lot of floral details.. which I love!

Shopping in London is obviously really easy, with options in bigger chain or little beautifully curated shops! During this trip I'm getting a few pretty things (mostly books, accessories and food) and I'll show you everything as soon as I get back home :)

That was all for today..
Hope to see you soon on the next post and wishing you a lovely weekend!

With love,


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