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Hello, beautiful people!

Today I just wanted to write a short post as a little update and to share with you these photos I took yesterday while trying on a few summer clothes (I guess I'm a bit tired of winter haha).

This coming week will be a traveling one for me, since I'm going to London on Wednesday and I'm going to be there for the whole weekend :D 
I honestly have got a really lovely impression of London from the last time I was there, even though friends and not friends told me that it's a way too crowded or materialist city to be able to enjoy it. That might be partly true, but I normally like to look at tiny things like buildings, observing (in a non-creepy way, I promise) how people seem to live their routines and getting the feelings from the place I visit instead of basing everything on the city centers or amount of shops. Overall, I'm super excited and I'll probably share some photos here as well! Oh, and I am PROBABLY going to buy a few things - being books and maybe some clothing - but I have made a little list of what I really want, so no money will be spent in a crazy way. 

I have decided to take off a few hours per week from my work nearly one month ago and it was the best decision ever. Not that I was working like a mad person, it was still under the usual 40 hours, but I was feeling a little drained and without any passion for my favorite things. I have set some priorities in my life and I really want to maintain this a constant thing: time for what you could call a hobby is more important than what you think. The best way to live in fact, in my opinion, is giving our minds and bodies what they ask for, when they need it. So since I needed rest and time for creation, I simply allowed that to myself. And now I started to write again on the blog, is it a coincidence? Probably not! 

About food and sport, I've been enjoying going to the gym more than ever, changing and inventing new workout routines every time I am there. I try to eat healthier now, which means no little super processed snacks at work... They're my worst enemy. I've been trying to avoid bread and only eat it maybe one time a week, or sometimes once in two weeks!! That's a big thing for me, I'm in love with everything bread related (but my tummy isn't). I'm kinda proud of myself for getting away from my phase of "bread everyday instead of the air I breath".

Last but not least, I booked a flight for a solo trip in a European city as an early birthday gift to myself. I'll keep the destination a surprise till the trip though, that's much more fun! I'm certainly excited for that, so much that I have already started planning and it will be in two months haha

It was nice having you here on the blog, you should come more often, I should write more often. Now I will enjoy some tea and continue reading To kill a Mockingbird (maybe finish it)!

Have a lovely Sunday evening and remember to be kind,

With love,


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