Latest Favorites Haul and Why I don't collaborate with wholesale shops anymore.

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Having a balcony in the summer time definitely helps to write on the blog and feel overall more inspired, especially with the lovely birds that sing constantly and seem to fit so well with the songs in my headphones. 

So.. what I want to return with today (so that you can understand better what I've been up to lately) is a little haul of the things I'm loving the most! 


 I am prepared for the first part of this Summer and, since I've been so inspired to read recently by some beautiful books I've been discovering, I have picked already two books for the next month. 

"A little life" is what I am reading right now! 
I was prepared psychologically for it by all the free-from-spoilers reviews I've read and I feel like I did a good job, since I am totally enjoying it. I am a big believer of the fact that getting to know other  people's lives or, even better, speaking with people who have had other experiences, makes you grow as a human and become more open minded and sensitive/emotional. These last two adjectives are often taken as something too feminine and not worth having, but I'll never get tired enough of remembering people how important empathy actually is. 
If you are interested also in the New York life, in the rights of homosexuality and different skin colors, you'll like this book. 

These two are the reads I prepared for myself as soon as I finish Yanagihara's book. Pretty recent, really different from one another.

I'm a freak when it's about health and knowing details on how to live better! I can't always apply everything, but I always try to remember myself not to go too much out of the health-trails! 
It's true, "How Not To Die" is basically showing how a plant based diet is the only diet that can bring raw facts and show that it's the only solution to many problems (from health to environment), but it's something that everybody can benefit from, even just for some pure information.

"Caraval", instead, is a Fantasy novel.. because I like to mix things up. Even just the hard cover is so beautiful and I am super curious to get into it!


I often say things like this here, but if the teenage me would see me wear sandals, I would probably not recognize myself at all. Today, though, they're my biggest love when it's summer.. I wish I could wear them all the time and simply let my feet breath! (did I just get "germanized"?!) The flatter, the better.
Since I've decluttered a lot of my clothes and shoes recently, I have literally nearly nothing left and I am trying to rebuild carefully my wardrobe. This is why you'll often see me buy things and showing them on Instagram: I am not wanting to spend constantly money on these kind of things, I simply need them to cover myself! haha

So, for the sandals, I think I am more than ready for the summer.

Black floral pair: Deichmann 
Camel strappy pair: Asos 


The past few months have been a challenge for my skin. This brought me to move and start to search for the best (wallet friendly) products for me!

I am not sure if Ives Rocher is a brand available in other countries too(never seen it in Italy, for example), but I fell in love with it recently, and the fact that it has all natural products makes my love grow even more.
The Cream and Perfume are my favorite thing ever: so delicate on the skin and with a settle smell (both), perfect for a mixed skin like mine that never knows if is dry or oily (the cream) and never "too much" (the perfume). 

But of course masks are a must every now and then, and make you feel like an adult that has her shit together and everything under control. So here are my favorite at the moment.. I know, seen everywhere, but there is a reason for it. Super hydrating after a day of playing under the sun, slightly calming and definitely relaxing!


I stopped being an accessory fan years ago, because I started to feel not comfortable with jewelry anymore. But you might (or might not) know, that I used to collect long necklaces of all types and with all kinds of pendants as a teenager. 

So what brought me, years later, to buy a bracelet and a ring? They are so simple that I don't feel like they alter the look, but only make it delicately better; I wanted to go a bit out of my comfort zone, since they are gold (not real gold haha) and I have always been a silver type of person; they look beautifully classy, especially if paired with something white or light pink. 

Bracelet and Ring: & other stories

Now, why haven't I published ootd posts in here since so long?

After a long time, drown in doubts, I decided to quit my collaborations with wholesale shops online. 
If you don't know what I'm talking about, these are the sites that usually contact every blogger on earth after they reach a certain amount of fan-base and ask them to make posts for them with their own rules. 

"But you get free clothes, so what are you talking about??"
Well, the clothes you get are often of really cheap materials and most of the times things that you'll never trust yourself of wearing outside your house, for a reason or another. Basically, you get an apartment full of things you don't like (taking off space you'd need for other things, or that would be simply better empty) and anytime you look at them, you feel nearly sick. Of course, you'll also get lucky sometimes and receive things that look actually good, but it's a 15/100% . 

I needed time to realize all this, because in the end I really enjoyed/had fun receiving those items and creating some looks with them.. I still love taking photos and trying all the possible combinations, when it's about clothes. But is it really worth it? Also, who made this clothes?

So here I am now, spending some more money on things that not only I am sure I will wear, but I am also sure will last me some more time.

Uuuuh, it feels good to get all out like this :D 

I hope to see you soon here, with another post!

With love,


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