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7:40 PM

Backpack: Origabu
Pastel Hoodie: Romwe
Mom Jeans: Bershka
Beret: Asos


Today is more like a cute look kinda day.
Honestly I have been loving hoodies at the moment and rediscovered them after my teenage years! Partly because I started wearing either cropped or simply better fitting ones. This one from Romwe is pastel (and this should be enough of a description to say how pretty it is) and has a prefect fit. The only thing I miss wearing it is a good pair of reeeeally long sleeves, which for me are the think i look for in every winter item, but there are some days in which I need my wrists to be free.

The bag is the same cutie I used in another post and I just wanted to share again because the brand needs to get known and grow, their idea is too great to remain unknown :)
I decided to put on a beret for no reason, since I even washed my hair that day haha, but I thought it would somehow make the look a tiny bit softer (together with the bag) instead of just the "early 80s/late 90s mom" vibe.

I NEED to make a post that its not a fashion post, and I want to take out so many ideas that have been  in my mind forever but I have t organize everything... I will try to do it though, this blog saves my brain sometimes from overthinking!

I hope you liked the look and that you'll also wear a beret for no reason soon, let's make it a thing.

Stay positive, love yourself and see you on the next post :D



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