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1:07 PM

Velvet Dress: Zaful

I wanted to go (a lot) over my limits on clothing and try to shoot something different, with a length that I would not usually pick and tight as I have not worn in a long time. This dress is grey though, what a surprise!

This is just an outfit post and it will be pretty short, but I only wanted to have some fun taking some pictures to celebrate bodies, to show that nobody can be perfect (from the most imperfect being haha) but to share some love that I've been feeling really deeply lately. 
Could it be related to the fact that I meditate everyday lately, at least 10 mins a day? Pretty sure it is. So let me suggest you to sit down, take some time away from everything, without even music or meditation guru speaking on a video.. just concentrate on your breath and give your body-mind a break :)

I hope it wasn't too weird to speak about meditation in an outfit post! haha 

Ps: the dress comes in a one-size, so if it fits me, it will certainly fit you as well! :D

I wish a lovely day, whenever you are reading this..



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