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8:02 PM

Bag: Origabu
Jacket: Bershka
Pants: Forever21


It's freezing col outside and this photo is of a while ago because I am feeling a little bit sick today, but I had to show you this look because it's basically me everyday in winter.

This is definitely one of the coldest winters I've experienced, and the weather forecast says the temperature is not going to go over the 0°C the next weekend! But, believe it or not, I'm perfectly fine with this and I enjoy it so much.. the only problem is that the place where I am staying for this month is tiny and I need to open the window often, so basically the cold gets me in the weirdest way ever and not when I am actually out and about haha
Anyway, I'd like to bring the concentration on the bag from Origabu because is one of the coolest I've had until now! I was really interested between this marble one and the brown ones too, but I thought I'd try something new for once. It was indeed a good choice because is pretty wintery and looks totally like a white bear!

I hope I will be a bit more energetic on the next post.. but for now, I hope you'll have a wonderful evening :)

With love,


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2 commenti

  1. That's probably the cutest backpack in the world ♥

    1. Right? :D and it actually fits more than what it looks like! haha