❀ Why I love walking ❀ Blogmas #11

11:26 PM

Today's post is a little thought I had today.
In the time I was in Italy, I was basically everyday at home: mostly because I know already every single angle of the town I grew up in, and spent years walking in that green space to try escaping the reality I was in. Not that my life was horrible, I had and have always a reason to smile, and I never forget this.. but it's also true that I had a few difficulties also while growing up, which made me the person I am today.
Anyhow, I started going out of the area I wanted to remain in! haha
What I did today was enjoying some good old walking by my self, not in the Nature (the weather was of course grey and it got dark way too soon to go in the woods), but in the little chaos of the town. 

What I sometimes like to do is listening to happy songs while walking through the crowd, and most of the times my lips will start moving and I'll slightly smile. If I am lucky enough, I'll see someone else smile after noticing me, and this brighten my day.

Somehow, walking has always been a therapeutic thing for me. I would call it "Meditation" in my case, and as you may or may not know, meditation can also be made with other people. Just as meditation, it's always better to start doing it alone in my opinion, and maybe a little bit per day.. but when you've gotten into it, you'll want more and more, and you'll enter everyday in a whole new world that you only want to discover, as much as you can.

One thing I need to do again as I used to do years ago is downloading a whole album I never listened to, and listen to it in a new "trip" to somewhere (of course, I also mean short trip in between the same city). You can either get lost with it or just keep it as a soundtrack of your walk, but without paying that much attention. 

Talking about getting lost, that's also something else I love to do. I love to walk without a destination, and maybe also walk again in some areas I already walked in, but each time noticing something totally different or seen from another prospective. For example, in this thing, my boyfriend is totally different from me! But I like to take it as a challenge to make him forgot where we are going and what were our plans :)

If you're wondering where my outfit posts are, get prepared for these coming weeks! Some new cute (well, I hope they'll be cute) looks with appear on my lil blog.

Good night for now, my long walk made me feel free and better with myself, but also a little exhausted!


(Holly, Jolly) Polly

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