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Welcome back to my blog, today I'll write about something I've been loving, appreciating and that was an actual big change in my everyday life. We talk about boobies! haha I will show you through the post my small bralette collection and where I got each one of them, if you like them too. I'm really picky about bralettes!

I've always had normal sized breasts, not huge and not small either (I'm really bad at defining what size it actually is, but I would say it variates around the C cup.. sometimes a bit more if I eat on the heavy side when I'm back at my parents place haha). I used to think that regular bras, with underwire, were like my second skin. I was kinda obsessed with them and arrived to the point that I could not even sleep without one on. I know, that's hardcore! haha But I felt really comfortable in them and took them off only when showering, basically!
I was a little afraid that after taking off that piece of fabric and metal, I wouldn't have liked what I would have seen, which is something I could apply to other parts of my body too, during my teenage years.

So years passed, I moved to Germany and standards of society were getting higher and higher, with an idea of a woman with big breasts, thin waist and bigger butt. I was overwhelmed with the beauty and freshness of Berlin though, so I didn't really care so much about my physic and walked a lot of kilometers a day. In the meantime, I got to know my boyfriend and we went to live together: he started to help me somehow getting more secure in my own skin, often opening my eyes and telling me that some things were only in my mind, and I didn't really need them. I started walking around home without my "safe" beloved bras, because I though I didn't actually look that bad, and continued of course wearing them outside. 

Just a year or so later, "free the nipple" was a thing! haha I started seeing all these girls with relatively small breasts showing off their nipples, and I have to say, I didn't find it weird or embarrassing to look at.. only natural. In my head though, bralettes or no-bra kind of looks were exclusively for petite cute girls.

I will give you already the name of someone who made me change idea pretty quickly, Meghan Hughes, who has a youtube channel I linked already on yesterday's post. She made me realize that bralets were not off-limits for me and that not having a piece of metal under your boob can feel so good! So I slowly researched more about the topic, and found out that it would have been a healthy choice to not wear them often.

Black & White Lace Bralettes - H&M

It was summer, I had the opportunity to go and swim alone at the closest lake in Berlin and wore the comfiest clothes, with under them my bikini. THIS was the exact moment when I realized it was so awesome to wear not patted bras outside my home. I felt so free, really feminine and finally secure in my own skin. Since I still wanted to experiment a little more, I started wearing the upper part of my bikini instead of bras for a few weeks, and I loved it!

It didn't pass too long 'till I bought a proper bralet, which is the black halter bralette form UO.

This kind of shape is by far my favorite one: I love the feeling of a free back and shoulders and I think it looks a little bit retro, which is never a bad thing. I wear this bralet all the time now, and I will definitely invest in more of them in the future, because they're so pretty and comfortable at the same time. I like to buy them in the UO shop, but if you need a little review because you want to buy it online, keep in mind that the L is REALLY big, I was perfectly fine with the size M at least.

Yes, your nipple will often show from the clothes you are wearing, but nobody will ever stare at your boobs so much to notice it, also because there's nothing wrong with it. 

If you're scared that your beasts will slowly fall lower and lower, which is something I was also obsessed with, you're in the same wrong road as I used to be! Actually, the more you wear something that supports them, the more they'll get "lazy" and think "hey, why do we even need to remain in shape if we have this thing keeping us?!". They will indeed get perky if you let them free as longer as you can, and start getting stronger and looking fuller. 

I will still occasionally (maybe twice a month?) wear a normal bra, if I feel like it, but I truly believe this is the best for my body and that I don't personally need it. 

Your body and mind have so much to offer to you, but only if you let them!
Do what makes you happy and be good to yourself :)

I hope you liked this post, I had in mind to do it since a while now.

Have a lovely start of the week, I hope to see you again tomorrow with another post!


(Holly, Jolly) Polly

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