❀ Weekly Inspiration - Finding your personal Style ❀ Blogmas #2

1:19 PM

Shops are selling every possible and imaginable kind of clothes at the moment, and it's of course difficult not to get a little confused about our own style. 

Fun fact, your style will always change, such as your ideas, your plans, your dreams.. and I think this is the beautiful part about life in general! The best thing we can do is to let things happen and not force them too much, we will know exactly when it will be the moment for certain things or when other things are making us upset and need to switch into something new.

Since I am going to Rome today and I don't have the material time to shoot for a look or write a longer post, I wanted to show you a few images found around the internet that show more or less towards what my style is going lately! It will probably be difficult for you to find something that could bound all these types of styles, but somehow I feel like at this precise moment, they match with my personality.

I hope you enjoy and maybe you get some little inspiration on what to buy or wear next :)

Ps: These are images I found randomly and I completely forgot to write where they're from (mostly found around Tumblr though). 



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