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Weeelcome back, beautiful people! Today is day 3 of my "Blogmas" series and I am totally chilling at home doing what I do every December, or better stuffing my mouth with mandarines until I start getting all orange and rounded. I know not a lot of people read my little blog, but I find it really interesting how the goal of a post per day can change your mindset: makes me want to sit down and let my imagination working, to write more and, why not, to get to know myself a little better too!

This time I wanted to share with you the links I keep constantly on my home page that I will maybe one day buy but can't now because it would hurt my wallet. Consider that these are all things I would totally wear on a daily basis, so please don't expect party dresses and sequins! haha Also, I of course didn't get paid to show you these items, so that's all part of my little secret (not so secret anymore I guess) list. 


As I already mentioned, I became a fan of pants in the last years, and this is mostly because I realized what style of pants suits me the most. It's like with food: you eat a vegetable always in the same boring and not that tasty way, so you start hating that vegetable.. but as soon as you try another recipe, you realize that it wasn't bad at all!
So here are the two options, that I can't afford at the moment but I'd looove to have. The first pair by Free People, and some classic high waisted Levis as second pair:


I am now so much into classic lines/designs when we talk about skirts! I am also loving split hems, especially if not too defined, on short skirts.. it's like they give me a vintage feeling and show that little bit more that, if paired with a more covered top (high neck?), gives some "femme fatale" vibes to the look. So here is what I've been eyeballing for a bit, classic and quite easy to pair with anything:


In this category I'll put what I simply find being awesome pieces to always have in the wardrobe because will never go out of trend, at least for me. 
First of all the dark teal colored top, which I find perfect for people with either blond, really dark black or red hair! The black "denim" overall is a must, and also the next thing I'd like to get as soon as possible, since I like the fabric and it's easy to layer with a cardigan, and a cute simple top underneath it. 
For the festive times I'd go for the red velvet bodysuit (which I'd personally wear even after Christmas), and then the grey beret because I started getting obsessed with berets and of course with the color grey!


Let me know if you also like some of my choices, or if this is totally your opposite style!

I hope you're having a great Saturday, mine will be at home enjoying some hot tea in my bed, maybe watching some movies or youtube videos :D and see you tomorrow..


(Holly, Jolly) Polly

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