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8:20 PM

Good evening, beautiful people :)
I'm coming on today's Blogmas with a little bit of a regret for not writing yesterday's post (I was toooo tired and decided to sleep early, so that I could be an early bird today), but I will still call this "Blogmas #8" anyway, because I hate to ruin the sequence! haha

So today it's still something I worked on quiet a bit this afternoon, but was just a fun little video I decided to edit since a while now. I came here in Italy around October and it was looking a bit autumnal, although the weather was still so incredibly warm and sunny. So I went for a walk in the early morning and decided to make a short video to share it with you:

The song I'm singing is one of my favorites from Tame Impala, and it fitted really well with the video since that was also pretty short haha I didn't take the guitar in my hands for a long time, so bare with me it's not perfect as it actually should!

I will leave tomorrow morning and I still need to make my luggage, but I will write my next post tomorrow at the airport.. because I'll have a lot of hours to kill. 

Have a lovely night and see you tomorrow!


(Holly, Jolly) Polly

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