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Good evening, y'all! 
Usually, when I don't have much to do and I'm spending the day home, I always get in my warm bed after I finish dinner (or lunch too haha) and watch some youtube videos. Now, I've already done posts with my favorite youtube channels through the different years, but I thought that it would be fun to show you also my favorite youtubers who are doing Vlogmas this December.. just in case you're a lazy person as me, or if you like to get inspired from the everyday life of some really cool people!

You may already know some of the names I am going to list here, but it could also be that you knew the main channel of some of them and didn't notice their vlogging channel, which sometimes happens to be even more fun. So let me just start with the names:

1. Meghan Hughes Vlogs

She's by far one of my favorites: I enjoy so much her smooth way of interacting with her audience and the themas she speaks about on her videos. She lives in a cute little apartment, in LA if I remember well, and I can relate to her a lot, especially when I am living in Berlin. 
Her hair is so long and magical, it is seriously making me want to have them long again.. also, I am trying to go back to a lighter/natural red color as she has it, wish me luck!

I of course was over the moon when I saw she was doing Vlogmas, and I guess you would to! Check her out HERE

2. Kicki Yang Zhang

She is Chinese, living in Germany and makes awesome content. She is also vegan, and if you like to experiment with vegetarian/vegan stuff, you should take a look at her channel! The main channel is also used to post vlogs, so you'll find everything HERE, but I love her traveling vlogs, because she somehow always manages to find cool restaurants everywhere she goes. 
She once came to Berlin and made me discover so many places I didn't know that were there, even though I live there since more than 2 years now! haha

3. Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

I have to admit, I used to be subscribed to her main channel and I unsubscribed a while ago because I didn't feel so interested anymore on her topics. BUT, I am glad I found out about her vlogging channel, and you will thank me later too! She is now mom and has the cutest baby ever, so I enjoy so much watching at her relatively normal life with such a big change. Beware, there's cuteness overload in every video: check her HERE

4. ExtraSunbeamsJess

If you love the Scottish culture and you like normal life videos, you'll enjoy Jess' videos too! She lives in Edinburgh, she's a student and she occasionally vlogs on THIS channel.. but on months like this, she will also make everyday videos, and either you find them boring or totally interesting, there's no way in the middle! 
Her videos give me chilled vibes, and she has an awesome sense of style too, which is always inspirational. 


I am an old follower of hers since years now, but I totally love her dedication on her other vlog channel. Yes, she does Vlogmas, but she actually uploads everyday on this channel since months now and she's never boring to watch! Her strong, cool and funny character makes the difference.. she's basically a rockstar, check here out HERE

There are other names I wanted to share but I think I might sound repetitive if I write too much about them now, since I already mentioned them in the past, so I will simply link you here some more channels you could take a look at: Jenny Mustard, EverydayEstee, Claire MarshallAnastasia and The Fashion Citizen

I think I gave you enough material to spend your afternoons on this December, right? haha

I hope this was useful for your lazy times and that you enjoyed the post. We will see (or better read) each other tomorrow..

Have a lovely evening!!


(Holly, Jolly) Polly

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