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I am still not completely sure of how I will call this post in the end, but I thought I would have done a little update and mini-announcement post, so I just put some relaxing music and the rest will come by itself.

Right now I am at my parents place in Italy, where the cold surprisingly already arrived and my hands easily freeze even just at home. I accomplished two big things I had in my bucket list before coming here, one of them being my driving license
I underestimated being able to drive by myself for way too long and, even if I won't drive any car in Berlin, it's still so cool to think that I will never again have an exam for it for the rest of my life. It's also good to think that I can grab the keys and go buy some chocolate at the supermarket if I feel like it, or that I can drive to places listening to my favorite music alone, because that's so incredibly relaxing.

One thing I was unsure about until one week ago was how I want my hair to be. Sounds silly, but sometimes I stop and think that hair mean so much in terms of image of a person. So I decided to really listen to my body and mind and do what I felt the most (something that I'm doing with almost everything lately), that happens to be remaining on the red palette (I can't see myself with other colors to be honest) and get even lighter!
It might sound strange since the winter is coming and people usually like to have darker hair colors to match the season, but I had my one year of winter in which my hair where mostly brown and sad, so I thought why not changing something.

I'm getting back again into a more feminine style! I felt a little bored of always wearing pants and started seeking for alternatives that were of course cuter but also comfortable. I would have never believed this, but I need to go slow on the subject: I fell into that "mh, I think I'm just wearing my usual black jeans, with whatever hoodie I find" that it's not really ME. I always loved clothes and remaining in that mindset made me a little sad, without realizing it, so that's what also changed a bit. 

But the most important thing in this is that my standards are getting higher.
It can be feminine, but not too short (so I can still be confident) and I'll maybe wait some more time to put money by side, to get something that costs a bit more, but also lasts longer!

About the blog, here's a little update that you'll probably get from the title.
I am going to do "Blogmas", the same concept of "Vlogmas", but a little more boring because I write instead of creating videos! haha 25 posts, but if I'll feel like it, maybe until the end of the month, to be with me during the whole December. Do you like the idea? I think I'll need this in general to get me even more on the blog game, since I don't write as often as I'd like to lately. I will make of course outfit posts, photo diaries if I'll go to interesting places, inspiration posts, cooking posts.. :) 

Sooo, last thing, when am I going back to Berlin
Ohh finally, thanks for asking (okay, this is getting pathetic, I know haha)!
I am flying on the 9th of December, which means I won't come back for the festive season, but I'll see for the first time in nearly 3 years how does Christmas really look in Germany. I'm so excited for it, and excited for the future months in general.

Remember to be grateful for each and everyday day, for the mind and body you have in this moment (they're so beautiful/particular and you should treat them the best you can) and be kind to everybody :)

Have a beautiful day,


(Holly, Jolly) Polly 

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