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8:25 PM

I know, I thought too I wouldn't have done it today either with Blogmas, but it seems like I'm more determined with it than I thought! haha Today it will only be a tiny post of my "In my mind" series, in which I wrote everything that comes to my mind in the moment I write it. 

So I am in the airport right now, waiting in front of my gate and using these minutes to write to you, since I could maybe read this one day and remember this moment (even though there's nothing special about it).
I always get curious about what comes in the minds of the people who can't wait but to get in the line already more than 30 mins before the actual opening of the gate. We literally have tickets with places already signed, what would it bring, to get in line quicker than the others and try to sneak through it (most annoying action from the same people)!

So I am leaving Italy now, and feel really charged, but I also feel really warm because I couldn't get all of my clothes in the luggage and I have to wear 4 layers (5, if we count the jacket that I need to wear, otherwise I wouldn't know how to carry it). 
I am surrounded by italian people who never saw Berlin and don't know what to expect from it, if they will like it or not, but they already say that thatchy as they would get it in the little place which dos it under their apartment, and not finding it.. they will start saying Berlin is not that good! (I'm joking haha but sometimes it does happen).

My hair are exactly how i wanted them to be, the red looks even better today, after a bit more than a week and some washes. I am also wearing something really green and I feel accomplished!

Okay I will go now, it was write right now!

See you tomorrow, little blog..



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