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4:26 PM

Coat: Vipme.com *
Top: Zara
Skirt: Romwe *
Choker: Zaful *
Shoulder bag: AsianIcandy

more about Vipme.com!

Website: HERE

Coupon code, for 5$ discount on a +50$ purchase: Polly451


Hello blog, as you might have noticed, I could not continue my Blogmas series for many different reasons.. mainly because I got overwhelmed by things happening, and I started feeling a little weak and with nearly no energy for some days, since I am still trying to re-build a routine.

The look of today is one of my favorites because of all these beautiful colors, and I wish I could have shown you this already during Fall, but in winter is just perfect as well. Little disclaimer, this outfit will be great if you live in lands with slightly warmer weather, but if you live in Germany of other northern countries, you’ll certainly continue with the layers and add at least a maxi scarf to it! haha

So the first thing you’ll notice is of course this pretty coat from Vipme.com, a website I got to discover recently, with actually a lot of classy items you probably need in your wardrobe. I have never had a coat like this, so I thought I’d try out styling it in my way, and I think I did a good job with the color-combination (did I? haha).
I usually always wear a black pretty simple Jacket for winter, but as I always say, colors in the cold seasons are a savior: they instantly make you happy! So why not adding some red to the everyday grey of Berlin. I’d just add a little big sis advice, or better to go for a 1 to 2 size bigger while choosing your coat, since everybody loves an oversized coat to wear all the grandma sweaters underneath it. 

For the rest.. I am wearing a classic camel skirt, that basically everybody has by now, from Romwe! I always find button skirts much better than any other skirt existing for some reason. And as a top, a really thin but classy top from Zara, which was originally of my mother, but that she ended up never wearing (good part of having a similar sizes with your mother haha).

I hope you enjoyed my “chatty” post and that I’ll see you in the next one! 
Despite what is happening in Europe right now, I prefer to keep my little space on the happy side, so always come here to smile a bit with me :)



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