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I once made a post called "Feeling art", showing you an artist I discovered in that particular period I wrote it, and I thought that it would have been a cool series, even of shorts posts, to keep in my blog... so what better time to continue that series than during Blogmas? :)

I love Art in all forms: I feel sometimes really overwhelmed with emotions when close to classical paintings or to a beautiful old building, so much that I start thinking at how was the atmosphere while the painting was getting created or how many people walked by that building through the years. 
I do believe that having a university degree is really important for today's life on certain parts of this planet, and I think that even if I will one day do something as a job that will have nothing to do with my studies, I should still learn about what I love the most. I passed so many hours thinking at what was important to me and Art was the answer, hence why I want to study Art... if I pass the entry exams at the Uni in Berlin! haha I am unfortunately not the best painter in the world, but I do occasionally paint with watercolors myself. I am always interested in other's works and fascinated by some, so here's todays Artist:


When I used to sit down on my laptop years ago, I used to get lost looking at paintings from the 17th and 18th century, but I kinda didn't feel inspired to do that in the last years. This is why I appreciate social media and especially Instagram, which I tend to use a lot, where sometimes you don't even need to search for long and a cool new artist will immediately appear on your phone.

Agnes Cecile (art name of Silvia Pelissero) rocks my instagram home since a loooong time now, anytime she uploads something. 

Her use of the watercolors is delightful and relaxing for my eyes, and what you can immediately see from her paintings is of course that she uses a lot of pastel colors. 
As you may or may not know, pastel colors have been a big obsession for me in the past months and if you show me something pastel color related, I will stare at it like a little cat stares at a piece of string. 

This is definitely a type of art I didn't know I would have liked this much because totally different from the classical works I was used to, but I've got smoother, let's day it this way! haha 
I love the soft forms, the fact that it's not all perfectly made in every little detail and, as I said previously, the color palette. 

I will let you here three of the main links where you can find her and her works. Please, show love to talented artists and don't be shy to do it! 

Beautiful video of hers you could watch (my favorite): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwpRJymPkPY

Ps: I am just putting out this post now, at 23.46, but it's technically still day 6! haha

See you tomorrow :)

With love,

(Holly, Jolly) Polly

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