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It's now time to do another music favorites, with songs I've been enjoying lately on the road (between trains and airplanes) and also while I was driving in Italy! I always give a key word for my little playlists, and this time it will be something I already used, but it fits pretty well.. "chill time". So without too much talking, let's get into it:


She has been a really cool discovery for me!
I was just trying to find something new a week ago or so, and thought I would have checked what Spotify had to offer me, in the category of artists similar to Tame Impala. Her name didn't really catch me at first, also because I never really heard about her, but as soon as I heard the first most listened song "I Follow", I fell in love immediately. I also had the feeling that the song could have been already famous, maybe from some movie or series, not sure though.
It might not be a genre for everybody, or maybe it might not make everybody chill: she mixes a lot of elements in her songs, but I think that's what made me like her. She's really particular and she does resemble Tame Impala.

My favorite song of her is "Endless Shore", totally loved playing it in the car. If you're curious, check  the song HERE .


If you're thinking why I decided to use this picture for this song of Nina Simone, it's because I associate this song with Christmas. I probably do because it makes me feel some kind of warmth inside, with her smooth voice. It's one of those songs you'd listen to while you're cooking with people you love and with really few lights around you, only the ones you really need to make something delicious that brings you even more warmth. 

To listen to it and get festive with me, you can find it HERE !


I don't think I would always listen to an album like this: I have to say I still don't enjoy all of the songs in this album, but the majority for sure. What I meant with the first phrase is that it's a really chilly ensemble that could be listened to when you're maybe typing up home on a Sunday morning!
If that word would still exist, you'd call me "hipster" for liking it, but I don't really believe in labels about such personal things (like music, fashion or similar). If it lights your heart, it's the right thing. Unless you have actual fire on your clothes in that area, that shouldn't be that great haha (I know, not that great as a joke, but it's late)

The main songs I like on this album are "Hard Working Hand" and "Florida".


Now this is a pearl!
I absolutely could get lost in and with this song from the band Pond, which just gives me some slightly summery vibes. I found them while I was searching for similar bands to Tame Impala, as per usual, and they popped up.. they are also Australian and they indeed sound pretty similar to them too. 
I'm slowly starting to think that the key word of this playlist should have been "Tame Impala"! haha The fact is that I have listened to them for so long and I know every song of them by now, and in the meantime (I mean while I wait for them to release something else to love) I try finding some of their doubles in the music world.

Oh also, I just thought in this exact moment while listening to other songs of them, they sound really similar to the style that Supergrass had in their album "I should Coco". 

Anyway, to listen to the song I love the most, click HERE.


I've always known Faun from high school, but just recently rediscovered them because I had one of those "middle-age mania" moments in which I wish I was dressed as a princess in the middle of a german wood. German because they are from Germany, and I am not sure but I believe all of their songs are in german too. 
Don't take all their songs as a way to learn german though, it is a version of the language that you can't really speak anymore! haha
To listen to the album, you can check on Spotify, but take a look HERE for only the song that gives the name to it, so you have an idea. 

So this was my tiny list of new discoveries for the month, or simply this moment. I don't always search for new music, the desire and the luck in finding something new and cool comes always in waves. 

I hope you'll like at least one or two songs of what I suggested you :)


(Holly, Jolly) Polly

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