Some Velvet Morning | OOTD with Zaful

3:57 PM

Blazer: Forever21
Scarf: Zaful *
Skirt: Zara
Faux Suede Backpack: Zaful *

Since I don’t go out that often while I’m here in Italy, I noticed lately that I tend to imagine and create some more romantic looks, instead of only comfortable and quick ones. 
This outfit is not the most wintery one you’ll see, depending on where you live of course, but I wanted to play a bit around with materials and combinations that I wouldn’t usually wear, to create something that I actually ended up loving!
First of all, what do you think about the heels with a short cute sock like that? I saw this around so often, that I decided to borrow these heels from mom and find out myself, obviously liking the result. I would definitely wear it again with some polka dots socks, and the look is already 10 times more romantic and sweet.
Now what I consider the main piece about my look, the backpack: I had no idea it would come as such a pretty bag, the color is much more wintery and christmassy than how I thought it would be. Big surprise about it, if you take a look at the pics on the site, it looks like a cute little bag, but it actually a cute big bag. I can fit so much in it, and this makes me so happy! Add your favorite scarf, like this with pastel colors from Zaful , et voilà! 

I hope you liked this look and that your day is going great..

Remember to be kind and see you on my next post!!



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