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3:56 PM

Dress: Asos
Choker: Zaful
Beret: Asos
Shoes: Mom's (can't link you this haha)

 My relationship with clothes lately has been one of the bests, which means I know what fits me and if I buy new things, it's a well thought decision! Also what I already own, it's all I really need, meaning that I have the outfit for every occasion and I don't need hours to decide what to wear (in fact, I only need one hour now! haha).
So I have been saying "no" to short skirts or dresses for so long, even though I used to wear them non-stop as a teenager, because I wasn't comfortable in those I already had (maybe only in two of them). So I got rid of many, and a few weeks ago, I said I would have tried again! I went on Asos to make my first order, and I'm so happy I did. Actually a little less happy for my wallet, since I thought I will buy something new I already saw last time.

Anyway, this is the look I had in my mind, and it just came out as I wanted it to. I am usually a EU40 because.. wide hips! And the usual problem I have, is that the bottoms fit perfectly, but the upper part doesn't, and that's because I have a thinner waist. But I loved the way it's longer than the things I used to wear, so I preferred to bring it to repair instead of returning it for a smaller size!

The dress has a wrap effect on the front and it just looks so elegant and comfy to me, which means I probably look a bit older in it, but it's alright. 
About the beret, it's soooo cute and warm, and it's the very first one I own! Really happy I got that too :)

I will leave tomorrow for a week to Berlin for some small things I need to do there, and then I'll come back to Italy for other two weeks.. so I will later pass the whole December in Berlin, and I am so excited about it, since I love the Christmas time in Germany.

See you in the next post (from Berlin)!!



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3 commenti

  1. The problem with wide hips and small waist... I feel you u.u The worst part is buying jeans D:
    You look lovely in this outfit :) (as always, though)
    <3 <3 <3

    1. Ohh yes, especially because I find more comfortable high waisted jeans, but those are also the most problematic D:
      Thank you so much, Carmen <3 and thank you for leaving a lovely comment :) <3

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