A Sunday kind of Love | OOTD with Zaful

4:42 PM

Floral Jumper: Zaful
Choker: Zaful

About the brand:

As soon as I saw this sweater on Zaful, I just felt a warm feeling and I could already imagine myself putting it on, on the coldest days!
And I was totally right, it's the warmest thing ever.. and since my style is a little mix of everything, I also have the days in which I just want to lay around with a warm, cozy, grandma looking sweater (those days are actually pretty frequent!). 
The sweater is black and has just these little bouquets of flowers all over it on the front, the back it's simply black, so since I am not so used to wearing all black and I quiet like to mix dark pieces with light ones, I decided to wear it with my favorite light blue jeans, so that it could pop up even more.

I am sorry if all the photos I've been doing are on the same place, but I don't really have so many possibilities at home, that is in fact the only place with a decent light :( also, I take the photos myself, so it's a little difficult for me to take them outside. But I am planning on buying a good quality tripod to take some photos maybe in the nature or in places with not too many people haha

I have 2/3 posts ("chatty" ones) that I still need to continue writing but I never find myself motivated for it, but I believe one of them will be up this week, before the weekend :)

In the meantime, I hope you're having a great start of the week!

With love,


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