You've got me now | OOTD with Shein

2:29 PM

High-Neck Sweater Dress: Shein
Pants: H&M
Purse: Zaful
Sandals: Italian Local Store

Although I like this kind of looks, monochrome/minimalistic for comfy kind of days, I could say the outfit matches so well the past week I had.. I will write a post with more details later this week, but I'll briefly say that it was a little busy and I somehow lost my creativity for some time!

I write this now consciously, after I understood some important things, and I also write it in a state of happiness :)
But let's concentrate on the look on this post: it's not the first time I have a Shein (or you may know it as Sheinside) product on, and I of course like the brand because of the cute designs they offer. But this time I opted for a really simple item, this white sweater dress, because honestly I loved simple over everything else lately, and I couldn't bother those days (the non-creative ones) trying too many strange combinations.

So as I said, and as you may notice from the link of the website (HERE), it is supposed to be a dress, but I of course show you how you can easily transform this kind of clothes in super cozy oversized tops too! I pared it with a simple black pair of my old H&M pants and gave something more to it with the (how I call it) wrapped purse from Zaful.

I hope to see you on my next personal post, and wish you a beautiful weekend!! :D

With love,


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