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5:27 PM

Top: Zaful
Watch: Zaful

About the brand:

I of course come back home for a while and what's the first thing I do? Outfit photos with boots on my parents bed (sorry mom)! I just felt really good in the last days, and I had the chance to walk a little in Nature today, so I automatically felt inspired to take some pictures and have fun with clothes.
I am not exactly sure if this combination is legal, but as soon as I saw this olive top, I just wanted to pair it with something red.. or wine red, even better! I think it's such a autumnal color combo.
As soon as I put on these pants - that I've had for a year now but never wore that often - and finished the combat kinda look with my beloved new boots, I had that Kim Possible feeling coming to me straight away. And just because I can't get enough of watches lately, I decided to put on that super cute map watch, because it remembers me how much I love to travel.

The title of the post is not casual at all, I've been literally obsessed with this song from Cocteau Twins in the last week, and I can't take it off my mind anymore. Not complaining obviously! I may actually do an updated music favorites post, since I've been listening to things I'd have never thought I'd like.

I hope your autumn (or spring, if you're reading this from the other side of the world) is starting in the best way possible.. 

Have a beautiful day! :)



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