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Palazzo Pants: Sammydress

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This time I'm writing the post in a more calm way, since it's too warm to move and the only possible occupation at the moment is staying in my fresh room writing on my laptop (although I already went out to enjoy some sun).

This look contains everything that happened this year! I explain myself better.. I made my style evolve from "all short and pretty much uncomfortable things, with possibly dark colors" to "long &  large, comfortable and pastel pastel pastel", and it feels amazing!
So you can imagine how happy I was to see this bag, which is both an everyday-bag and can contain a lot of stuff, but it's also really cute and the pastel color makes it really cute. 
About the pants, if you still didn't come to the darker side and started wearing this amazing invention, you need to. And the sooner, the better. Wide pants are so good for summer, and just make it easy when you don't feel like a short outfit/you're going to travel/you'll need to sit on dirty Tube sits! Because we like comfort, I always like to wear flat shoes with them, so that there can be more of that pijama feeling. Also, am I the only one who thinks that they elongate the legs? If you see carefully the first picture, it seems like you need a highway to get from the beginning of the leg to my knee haha 

Anyway, putting some sarcasm by side and because I know how it feels like, I'd like to send lots of love to the people in Italy who had to pass the worst night during the earthquakes a few days ago. 

We will see each other in the next post!

With love,


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2 commenti

  1. I really like your outfit, the pants are amazing! And I love the way you edit your photos :D
    The whole photoshoot reminds me so much of kpop idols for some reason :D