LAVA FLOWS | OOTD with Zaful

3:52 PM

Bodysuit: Zara
Pants: H&M
Bag: Zaful
Sandals: Local shop in Italy

more about the brand Zaful:

I think I didn't wear an all-black-outfit since a little bit, so I decided to pick this bag to give a nice twist to the usual black looks. 
All the pieces I'm wearing may look nice for a night out but they're actually really comfortable and wearable for every situation! It may sound stupid, but I love to wear that bodysuit while I'm home or chilling with my boyfriend, and it feels just so good, better than when I wear it outside. But maybe that's my personal point of view, since I still don't feel confident enough to wear it without a bra, reason why in some photos it appears and in some other I don't seem to wear it haha

The bag is so cool because of the detail that makes it roll to close, and it's bigger than any other "evening" purse, and since I always bring my survivor kit along with me when I go out, it's quiet useful!
Paired everything with an opened sandal because.. it's summer (what an explanation), and another lazy and quick evening look is ready, looking as if I've put so much effort in it. 

I am soon going to post a music favorites post and it'll be full of not so common/known stuff, so I'm curious to see is some of you will like it.. aaaand a little self-confidence post :)

Hope you're having a beautiful day!



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