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4:38 PM

Dress: Gina Tricot

I’m literally writing this while just having 8 mins of time (actually less haha), and my boyfriend will be angry at me for coming late probably haha

Today Berlin finally gave us a sunny day, with some beautiful warm weather, that wasn’t too warm (just perfect). I am drinking so much water, and despite some people could still think it’s not healthy to drink up to 3 liters or more, it actually helps for so many things: faster digestion, beautiful skin full of light, more energy than ever and happiness! You don’t believe me when I list all this incredible things, that are given just by something so simple and that everybody could get? Well, sometimes are the simple things that open our eyes! Give it a try and come back to tell me how it was :)

This dress is a super comfy dress from Gina Tricot, which I got a month ago during the sales (5 euros for this pretty thing!). 
I know it may not seem like a happy color, but the lighter shades of grey give me tranquillity! And I do believe it suits me quiet well..

Okay, now time to run, for real haha 

see you on the next post! Be happy, be kind to each other



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