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Recently I’ve gotten more and more opened on sharing everything that really captures my attention, no matter what it is about! That being said, the key word for this time’s music list will be “roots”. Is it a weird key word? It probably is, but I believe it could fit pretty good with my small random selection!


I will start with my most recent find and be really quick in introducing them (if you don’t already know them), since I still didn’t research that much about them: they’re what you are looking for, if you need something to put on Spotify while you’re tidying up home or you are making online shopping (? bare with my examples). Some really chill music to put on when you don’t need to concentrate too much in what you’re doing, and you want to get entertained by some good tunes. 
Not saying too much, but maybe it’ll make you curious and interested in them! To help you start, my favorite songs for now are: “Orchids" & “Lava Flows"


This band totally stole my heart! I got to know them pretty randomly thanks to a mixed compilation, and they immediately made me smile and dance in the most secretly awkward moves I know. What they remind me of it’s basically a boy band of the 90s, a little bit because of the beautiful voice of the singer, and a little because of the cool looks of all these guys. They are from Denmark but they sing just in english, they are really young and unfortunately you can find just one album from them.. so I’m really hoping they’re going to increase their repertory, because I already know they will create some other bomb tracks pretty soon!
I even managed to make my boyfriend fall in love with their songs, and that meant having their music on our vacation in Italy together as a soundtrack of some really pretty days. Perhaps another reason why I love them, even though the lyrics of their songs are a little sad, but what can you do! 
My favorite song has to be "Try", while my boyfriend can’t get enough of "Sorry"


Getting on a different rail, but remaining in north Europe.. I happened to get hypnotized by the strong female voice, magical viking vibes but with modern sounds of Eivør! She sings both in Faroese and English, but I have to say the ones in faroese are my favorites. This is mostly because I’m really into north european culture since I’m 14 and for some reason, when I listen to battle songs or ancient languages, I feel something moving in the heart and sometimes, even if rarely, I’ll start to get so touched by the instruments (especially the rhythm of the drums) and slowly start crying! Please let me know if this happens to you too, I’d feel less weird and we could share some remote past lives, who knows. 
The songs that got me the most into her will have to be: “salt” and “trøllabundin"


You’ll probably laugh at me at this point, but I fall into the so-called “guilty pleasures” so easily and so often, that I don’t even feel guilty about them anymore! haha
I was watching a vlog on youtube and heard this song remixed as a background of a party, and it just made me remember the glorious early 2000 (when I was in my puberty, looking the worst I’ve ever looked), and I just had to re-listen to it again because I was totally in the mood for this kind of songs. 
I was enjoying the rewind moment so much, UNTIL I started to pay attention at the words Montell Jordan was actually saying! 
Long story short, he’s at a party with his girlfriend, but he wouldn’t care less of her and he'd just love to get intimate with another girl who’s apparently dancing/hotter than the girlfriend. I kinda felt like if I was in the girlfriend’s position and this turned me so off about the song, that I had to delete it! haha Then I got that I used to enjoy it during those years, just because I still didn’t know english as I do now.
So listen to this song to get back some memories in your present, but then delete it because he’s a real asshole! 


I knew already this band but discovered just some months ago other songs of them, that I didn’t actually know. As soon as I listened to them, I felt the memories coming from when I used to return from school, eat lunch and get in front of the TV to watch Guilmor Girls every day in the afternoon, forgetting of course every form of homework from school. (Skip this part before it’s too late, if you’re not a fan of the series haha) They just have the vibes of the series, and I could totally imagine their happier songs playing when Rory and Lorelei walk to go to Luke’s cafe! I had a huge connection with it and just would have loved to live in their reality when I was little.. I even truly believe that the sense of humor I have now has gotten so much influence by Lorelei’s. I don’t have Netflix, but I definitely will get my hands on the new episodes when I can!
Anyways, if you want a happy song for careless days, listen to “I was made for sunny days” (my favorite) and “little bird

I hope you'll find something interesting for you and as always, if you have some suggestion for something I should listen to for this summer please let me know :)

I wish you a beautiful evening and see you in the next post!

With love,


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