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Overall: Zaful
Watch: Zaful
Necklace: Zaful

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Even though I’m all about comfortable, possibly long, clothes at the moment.. you can't say no to cute corduroy overalls!

I own two other overalls (with skirt bottoms instead of the usual shorts), and they are definitely a go-to for summer walks and small adventures! In fact, I can imagine me wearing this one from Zaful for maybe an afternoon at the lake, so that I can just wear my bikini underneath, but still look like wearing something socially accepted.

Recently we’re not having the best weather here in berlin, since it’s constantly grey and you never know wether its going to rain or not, but let me just pretend it’s really sunny and hot haha (a girl can still dream)!
As soon as I got it, I had this weird reflex to pair it with a stripy crop top, and I think overalls are just so pretty if paired that way.. and you will always be sure they’ll go well together (if you’re sometimes lazy like me, you’ll need this “tip”). 
But what I think can bring this look on another level, are the accessories I chose to go with it: the cat watch is the cutest watch I’ve ever seen, the necklace is something I always wanted to try that was on trend until some months ago (just supposing, I’m not about trends to be honest haha), and even if it's so simple, it gives something more to a lot of outfits! Bring with you a small bag for chocolate and a train ticket, and you’re good to go :D

See you in the next post,

Loots of love,


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