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6:08 PM

Belt: H&M
Bag: Primark
Shoes: Bought in a local italian shop
about the brand

I went slightly out of my comfort zone with this dress, but I don’t really regret it! Lately I’ve been loving this kind of prints, something more than the normal floral ones. You ask then, what’s the part where I’ve been challenging myself? Definitely the color (I don’t often wear this bright blue color) and simply the fact that it is short.
The last one will sound strange but I’m since a long time now a little paranoid about my legs and the way they look, but I promise it’s getting less and less, or better, it kinda has to when it’s summer!

I’ve been reading on other blogs about this brand before, Zaful, and became really curious when I had the opportunity to collaborate.. I have to admit, the quality is really good, between other sites of this type, and I didn’t have to wait a month for the shipping time was not long at all (a little more than a week).
I unfortunately chose an L because I always think I’m bigger than how I actually am, so it fitted a little larger, but my favorite belt that you see on the pictures will certainly do. I just can’t go over how pretty this flower design style is, I’d actually love to have it on a notebook or whatever I can see everyday haha
Really feeling the need to experiment on my style lately, and I started wearing things that even just 2 years ago, I would have never imagined to wear.. so I’d say it feels really refreshing!

Hope you liked this look/post, I actually had fun a lot of fun taking the pictures!

I hope you're having a lovely day :)



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