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Twinning set/ Two Pieces: Sammydress

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I never like to take photos on the plain white walls, but I need to work with what I have, since the lights differ in the apartment!

This period I definitely got crazy with pastel colors, especially with some shades particular shades of pink.. and as I always say, me from the past would be totally creeped out by my behavior haha
But sometimes you gotta do what you feel the most, and light and happy colors are exactly what I’m about this year.
Other thing is that this was my first time wearing a twinning set, in this case from Sammydress, and I must say I felt like a cute anime character (re-watching Sailor Moon atm). If you have my kind of body structure,  will be perfect for you!

I just didn’t wanted to become a total little ballerina and thought of adding something black (my all time favorite boots, the only good belt I own and a little cute shoulder bag) to it just to break the cotton candy feelings.. et voilà! :D

Hope you liked this look, and can’t wait to see you here again for the next post :)

With love,


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