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Cropped Hoodie: Sammydress
Yoga pants: Sammydress

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I think this is the sportiest you’ll ever see me on the blog! But it’s a post that comes in the right moment, since I’m writing another one about my experience through the years with sport and food.

It’s my first time getting sporty clothes online, and I was a little afraid ordering it because I’m always picky about the fit of these kind of things.. especially when it’s about yoga pants (or however you’d like to call them)! But I felt so lucky I thought I was bigger and chose an L, because this pair from Sammydress for example fits so good and they’re perfectly tight! Also, I decided for these because they’re not the standard boring all black ones, but they have this mesh part on the bottom that adds something more to them.

You’ll now ask “ok, Polly, but what about that cropped hoodie?!”. You can’t understand how often I thought I wanted a cropped hoodie! haha There are those days when it’s cooler and you need something more than a t-shirt, but you’d also like to wear normal high waisted pants with it (and this happens often to me since I own more high waisted things than other).. this is the hoodie in a summer edition basically!
I anyway think I'll start buying more sweaters than summer things since today Berlin became totally cold and autumnal haha

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