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3:17 PM

Top: H&M
Palazzo Pants: H&M
Shoulder Bag: Asianicandy
Sandals: Primark
Sunglasses: BijouxBrigitte

This has been my most favorite outfit of this last month, and I believe it will continue being like it until the end of summer, since I'm basically wearing everyday! 
First of all, the pants! The story of these pants begins in a really hot day, when I got mad with the extreme hot weather and decided to go outside at 14.00 just to buy something wearable for summer. I'm not completely sure what happened in that crazy shopping day (I call it crazy but I actually just bought 3 items haha), but these pants appeared like a paradise to me, and I just fell in love with them.. Of course there are so many controversial ideas about those pants, and not everybody can like them, but they stole my heart so no offense to them will move my opinion haha

The funny thing is that I still didn't see anybody having them on, so this makes me happy anytime I buy something in H&M! 
If for the look I decided to pair the look with that cute old bag of mine, most of the times you'll see me walking around with a huge and uncomfortable bag (I need a new backpack) because I always carry my laptop around. For my feet, flat sandals are the best at the moment (and go awesomely with it), but I also often pair everything with my pink vans for fresher days or higher platform sandals for a more sophisticated look :)

Hope you're in my team and like this look too!

With love,


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