How to survive society | Reminder tips of a beginner

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Berlin is really helpful when it’s about self-esteem: you go outside and you find yourself in the middle of a lot of different personalities and points of view, positive and negative, so you start to care less and feel a little more free (and so it’s also in other bigger cities of course).

But doesn’t matter where you are or who you are, "society standards" and "bad days" will always get you, and you’ll somehow have those days when you just don’t want to go outside and bare with them! This is totally fine, and they are definitely my favorite part of the week.. but every year I try to learn form the last one and try to achieve these following points, so that when I can’t just stay home because the world outside is not comfortable for me, I can still survive:


Some people just don’t get it, they don’t understand when someone has a bad day and doesn’t want to argue or simply have too many conversations!
The less you’ll know about something, the more they’ll continue arguing.. Maybe you also know some people who always put their own opinion over everything, maybe trying to convince you that their point of view is always better. Well, the way of baring with this kind of humans is being curious, staying always informed a little bit about everything going on around us and building your own opinions.
Exchanging opinions is good, but never let others think yours are less meaningful than their.

             2. TRY TO ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN B (AND C, D, E..)

Since life is always unexpected, for as much as you try to give your best on everything, it will sometimes simply not go as you want it to be and try to make you upset.. but in reality there’s absolutely no problem, look for a plan B!
I have to admit, I’m pretty good at this one, and I often don’t get immediately angry or sad if something doesn’t go well as expected. And of course, since there will always be someone who doesn’t like the way you think it, I've often been told that I don’t care enough about what is going on in my life. But I of course do, I just believe that with calm, everything can be done! And if it’s not blue, then it’ll be turquoise! (sorry, not sorry for this last line haha) It doesn’t matter, as long as you are happy.

          2.1 NEVER  DEPEND 100% ON OTHER PEOPLE

This is a point I decided to connect to the previous one.. and I know it might sound as a strong sentence, but somehow my still short life has always taught me that.
It’s never good when you leave all the responsibility of something to another person and just sit down letting it happen, even when this person is a really good friend! He or she, could for example just forget something (not in purpose), that perhaps for you meant more than for him/her.. and this could make your day go down! So to not arrive to that point, be prepared to all the possibilities and try to find solutions without panicking.


These two things go really well together! I unfortunately have not been able to do the second one as often as I would have liked, but it’s always in my mind. Don’t think that meditation is just something you do if you sit down with your legs crossed and feel like a yogi! There are plenty of ways of meditating, and lately my favorite one is taking a bath.
So meditate, know yourself better, and smile. Start the days with a nice attitude, even the ones that look like they’re going to be the worst, and you’ll feel the change coming!
Also, while smiling you will attract more positive people in your life, you’ll immediately fell better yourself and no bad vibe can ruin your days.


Don't wait to hear nice words from others to make you feel better, make yourself feel good and treat your body and mind with little everyday moves that will make your life better!
In the past my self esteem was basically based on others compliments, and in reality my self esteem was really low, so my answer to a "you look beautiful!" was "aww no.." instead of a "aww thank you!". And now I understand people that used to say "why you always say no, if that's what I feel about you?!".. sounds legit!
So go and take a coffee in a pretty cafe (basically what I'm doing now), take a relaxing bath, eat the good and fresh food, nourish your brain too and drink loads of fresh water. 

These are the points I realized with time and are the ones that will guide this year.. probably, next year will all be updated with a better version!

I always wonder if someone would actually read what I write haha not that it bothers me if my blog is un-readed, since I still enjoy writing anyways, but I just get a little curious.
If you read this, give me a sign! Let me know your points and give me some inspirations, I love to be inspired by beautiful people :)

I hope you're having a good start of the week 
and see you in the next post!

 With love,


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  1. I do read you always! Now from Spain :3 ♥

    1. Aaawwwwww Carmen, you're the cutest human existing!!
      Also, I'm happy you're in Spain for this summer, since here in the north this weather has nothing to do with summer haha

    2. I was wearing jumpers in Scotland just two weeks ago D: I have never ever wore a jumper in July in Spain, I really don't understand the weather in the north jajajaja. But it's actually too hot right now, we're having a heat wave and this is insane u.u

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