Dream Fortress | OOTD with Yoins

4:26 PM

Maxi Dress: Yoins
Belt: H&M
Choker: Yoins
Boots: Old
Bag: AsianIcandy

I suppose we can easily call this a festival look!
I never really went to a proper festival, with big names playing, but I surely would put on  something like this.. A maxi dress is the answer for everything, when you want something comfortable, or when you simply don't want to chose two pieces (because you maybe don't have time for it)! I actually prefer long dresses or long skirts over shorter clothes, because I like to be as comfy as I can while I'm outside, taking trains or the underground here in Berlin.  
Fun fact, this week I got a bit sad because the weather was being so grey (and still so hot), so I couldn't really take good photos, since I need a lot of light for them. So this morning I was "kindly" woken up by a super strong sun light, and I basically jumped out of the bed without even totally waking up and thought that it was a perfect moment to shoot haha Now that the weather is grey again, I'm happy I did that!

I also wanted to put so bad that kinda celtic (?) choker with the dress, just so I could feel like a real princess, but because I also have my good old snake chocker (since I'm 15!!), didn't totally work out.. but I still think it looks pretty cute. 

Maybe this is my last look in front of this window, because guess what, I'm moving again. But I'm still of course continuing to make posts because where I'm living next (still nothing for long), is full of beautiful light!

Hope you have a wonderful day :)



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  1. In love with the vibe of your pictures! Love the dress and especially the cute belt :)