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6:13 PM

Bodysuit: Zara
Light wash Denims: Bershka
Belt: H&M
Pastel pink Sneakers: Vans

Hello, blog!
I'm currently writing you from Italy, where i am spending my vacations, and these photos are taken in one of my favorite places on earth.. home.
I haven't been a wild shopper lately, and didn't really feel the need for it either, but I did purchase a few items that I believe will last me for a really long time! This bodysuit is the result of a long research for the perfect bodysuit. And although is really opened (like, everywhere haha), I still quiet like it, and I can totally imagine it on a summery outfit.
Funny thing, I took some photos with and some without a bra, because I couldn't decide if it was "too much" without but looking better, or much more comfortable and decent with the bra! haha I have to admit, sometimes I feel jealous when I see girls with a little less breast who can totally rock this kind of items, but everyone has pros and cons I guess, so I won't be too annoying with myself.

Other thing about stuff to put on, I've been obsessed with vans... never really thought they could have been so cute, but I fell in love with them! One of the reasons is also that they will make your feet look tinier, if you have that kind of "problem", as me (I have a EU 40)

I am recently so hyped about animes, I just want to take back a lot of time wasted not watching as much as i should have! First thing to do for me will be re-watch Sailor Moon, and I am just as hyped as a child! :D <3 animes="" any="" favorite="" for="" know="" let="" me="" p="" please="" ps:="" recommendations="" your="">

Aaaaanother thing is, did you check out my youtube video? It's a vlog, with some footage I took while in vacation this period, and I'd love to know if you like it! HERE is the link.

Anyway, I wish you a perfect coming weekend, and we see each other soon..

With love,


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