I was made for sunny days | OOTD

7:35 PM

Here the light suddenly decided to change! haha

Top: Primark
Pants: Forever21
Bell: H&M

So I started making this post around 16.00 and now it's 19.30 and I'm finally nearly ready to publish it... "people without internet in 2016" problems I guess!

It's clearly obvious that I don't shoot photos for an outfit post since a while now, so the photos may look not that amazing.. but this is a special OOTD post. You may think I don't write anymore because I'm not inspired or similar, but I am actually full of ideas and wanting to post more than ever! The biggest problems were the fact that I don't have internet and that I got really stressed in the last period.

What will happen soon and why you might see me more often?
I am flying to Italy for my summer vacation and I'll get some needed relax at my parent's place, finally. There, I will of course have a glorious internet connection and I will probably fill your home pages of Snapchat, Instagram and Blog with tons of posts.. 
When will all this happen?
For 20 days, from the end of this month 'till mid of June!

But let's concentrate on the outfit, since I'll have time to probably make more posts with life update, etc..

I am featuring this beautiful watch from AIBI WATCH, which immediately made me feel like a real Lady haha
I don't usually wear watches for the fact that I always have my phone always in my hands and check that for any type of information needed. But I was simply doing it wrong my whole life!
I decided to go for this model of their collections(in the brown color): I find it so classic and classy, it can basically elevate every kind of outfit.
Also I wore this outfit so often these days, since it's been hot as hell here in Berlin. Not complaining, of course, but I was just really surprised and from a normal spring-ish kind of weather, we just got in the middle of a hot wave!

I feel weird writing in my little blog, but also really happy and positive about the next days, weeks, months.. :)

I hope you're having a beautiful day (now evening haha),

With love,


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  1. I adore everything about this post. it's basically my life. me time = best time.xxx