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7:32 PM

Floral Shirt: Vintage (Second Hand)
High Waisted Pants: H&M
Sunglasses: Bijou Brigitte
Watch: AIBI

Another look with this pretty AIBI watch that I've been wearing literally every day after I got it!
As per usual, you won't believe how long it took me to just post these few photos, since as you may know I don't have internet and I always come to Sturbucks and prey it's not full of people nearly everyday haha

This shirt is a find from (i believe) one of the best thrifted shops in Berlin, which you can find in Nollendorfplatz (Garage shop).. at least between those that I've already seen/discovered. It will definitely be something a little too "grandma" style for someone, but I found it actually pretty and with this faded-pastel color palette that I've been craving lately!
I am searching for cute finds around the shops these days because I'm getting ready for my little Italian trip in one week :D

PS: after taking these pics I was a little annoyed with how "not so flat" my belly was, but you know what? you don't need to be perfect! I have to say this to myself so often, because in this society as a woman you can't think of anything else.. but if I know I eat the right food and exercise enough to feel good, that's the right way :)

Have a lovely weekend, beautiful people!!

With love,


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  1. Beautiful! I love your shirt! Great find :)

    xo, Jo