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I really wanted to write a post for my "In my mind" series, because recently my head is just completely full.. and something has to come out to re-fill it again, as per usual!

So I just changed apartment for the 29715 time, and you'll ask "Why? Why do you change that often?".
Well, I've had a lot of people asking me this in person and on internet so often, and the answer is always the same: me and my boyfriend, we're searching for a long term contract apartment in a nice part of Berlin, with normal costs! It could seem like a lame thing to take all this time, but we actually prefer to change more often and be sure that in the end we have something we can finally call "Home" for a longer period, rather than being and putting effort in the interior design of a place we don't like that much. Obviously I can't wait for the moment I'll be able to decide some details for it, and Ikea will be my second home..

Fun fact is, in the new apartment happens to be no internet. Other fun fact is, that's not a fun fact! haha
I've been in this apartment for just 4 days (and we'll stay there until the end of this month), but ohh how much I miss the magical world of Internet. I know, it's awesome to stay a bit by yourself and meditate, get your ideas out there, and get inspired by the everyday things in your real life.. but that would be awesome if I'd have the choice of switching whenever I like and suddenly transform myself into a internet lazy bear! Sometimes you just need to watch your favorite youtubers, listen to some new music, search a nice new recipe to try out or just watch a tv-series from time to time. 
Still, even if I'm not feeling the best about what i just said, I'm not gonna complain more since the view(at the 9th floor!) is really relaxing, during the day with a looooot of light, but especially at night:

It means everything and more for me.. the last time I wrote a song was about 3 years ago, or maybe a bit more, when I still used to play with my friends in high school.
This song is a little different than what I used to write, I can feel the change and it's much more on a positive side. I don't know why (some people would kill me for saying this) but it has a lot of Porcupine Tree's vibes! If you don't know the band, you should definitely check them out :)
I'll anyways make a video to share the song with you guys.. I'm still not completely sure about every chord and word of it, I feel like it needs a bit of time to get into the song-writing mood again. Also, the song at the moment seems a little too full, since I just decided to write down all I had in my head.

The interesting (ironically speaking) part is that, I wrote the song when I came home yesterday after a horrible day outdoors. But it also made me smile a little, because I tend to write songs more easily if I'm sick.. but let's not question this. haha
I wasn't feeling good at all and I experienced something which never really happened in my whole life, I basically puked in a train station of Berlin. You gotta try them all, I'd say!
What's the interesting thing about it? Well, Berlin is just the best city if you're a crazy person who likes to scream around stations and city centers in the free time, a vlogger who feels a bit shy to film outside or someone who just randomly pukes in the station as me.. nobody will notice anything. 
It's not that germans don't see it, but they just pretend that what just happened, didn't really happen! Which I enjoy a lot.

Between the other few new things recently happening

I am really enjoying organizing part of my days, it's making them become much more productive;
I am studying for a german exam I have this month;
I am feeling in the mood for shopping, good shopping, of things I really need and not just clothes;
I am planning on learning "how to rollerblade" this summer (why not?);
I am slowly melting already with this recent german weather (what.. like, it's april, what is.. how?!).

Other than that, I hope you'll having a decent Monday, for how decent it can be, and that your week will be great! But we'll have time to speak about the rest of the week since I'm going to post again these days :D

At the moment I'm really hungry and wanting to go out of the Starbucks, which is getting fuller and fuller..

Sending loads of positive thoughts and vibes to you!

With love,


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