✿ Pre - Birthday thoughts/wishes/expectations! ✿

3:09 PM

I was in the middle of some slow "sunday home cleaning", and I was kind of bombarded by tons of questions and thoughts, related to the fact that tomorrow is my 22nd birthday. That's why I decided to sit down and relax, eat some good breakfast and hydrate myself with some lemon water and, especially, stop listening to songs I used to be obsessed with when I was 17!

I felt like I just passed a complete year (2015) as a ghost, not really living every moment as "hey, damn life it's awesome", but more as "mmh, no thank you, maybe next time!".
I always had this feeling this past year, but I decided to somehow reject it from my brain.. and it's like now, all of a sudden, all the emotions started hitting me as if they weren't my own emotions but just enemies on a boxe ring. I have to admit, the fact that I listened to old songs I used to like, helped a lot in this process haha
When I was a teenager (not that long ago) I used to say often "YES" to what people used to ask me. And of course I mean positive things, I know you may think of drugs or stuff like that, but I've never even been into the idea of that and it has never been interesting to me. I used to hang out a lot, go to many concerts, to some even alone (imagine a mini-alba in the middle of sweaty 2 meters metalheads) because my friends didn't like the genre/band/couldn't come! I unfortunately had to repeat a year of school because of this, and because instead of studying something that a teacher orders me to study, I would more likely play guitar the whole afternoon (call it laziness, wannabe revolutionary kid or however you like).

I know life changes, I know we all grow up (no, I don't), BUT, there's a but, I can be how I want to be and waiting/letting things go when they appear in my hands, it's not a good way of living. 
The positive things of last year - it's looking like a new year's resolution but whatever haha - I took more confidence, I got to know my body more than ever and I learned things that help me everyday in a way that I can actually feel directly. 

Anyways, the point is, now that I realized all that.. What will I do?
I want to give importance to each and every moment, live more outside the house-walls and stay home just when I really feel in need of a recharging-organizing-meditation moment. I already started in the last 6 months, but I want to keep money by side and surround myself with things that make me happy and positive, or hopefully in travels (this year I already flew 3 times, so it looks like a great start to me!). I want to go to concerts, and support smaller bands. Experiences are what I need, to go a bit out of the blocked moment I was in.

Mh, also, I wanted to share my last youtube video HERE
Already watched it? If not, go check that out and give me a like, if you like!

Just wanted to share some reflections of my thoughts and totally new positive vibes :)
Hope your Sunday is going well.. mine certainly is! And tomorrow I have a pamper day that waits for me 8)

With Love,


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5 commenti

  1. Polly you're not alone, 2015 wasn't a good year for me too, but now things seem to get better, or we hope so! haha
    Beautiful post!

    1. Thank you, this makes me smile (not that it wasn't a good year for you too haha but at least that I'm not alone in this)! It will definitely be a much better year! :)

  2. I hope this year gets better for you :)
    And happy birthday :D I wish you a lot of laughs, happiness, travels, good food, good music, good books and great friends :)


    1. Thank you so much, Rory :D
      I'm already feeling that this is a good one, wish the same to you too <3