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I don't write a post for my "Cooking for Dummies" series since a while now, although I've been experimenting a lot with cooking lately! 

Curry is one of my all time favorite recipes, that I actually just tried arriving here in Berlin I believe. The first times I tried to replicate it was a little bit of a fail, and I could never understand the reason why! I started to read more recipes, watch some videos and try many different Curry plates at the Berlin's asian restaurants (I know this is difficult, but someone has to do it, right? haha).
In the end, I understood that I was doing wrong just two little steps: I was using the wrong type of coconut milk (the drink one of Alpro, instead of the more dense one like those in any asian market), and I wasn't flavoring it enough with the right things (adding some ginger, lemon/lime juice and a bit of Turmeric, for example). 

So finally, I started to get better results, especially making the curry in the evening and letting it stay overnight.. it will taste amazing for the lunch of the next day, since the flavors will all get to the next level! 
I made a short and quick video on youtube (give me a little like, if you like ), if you want to see me doing it more than writing it:

but if you prefer a written version of it, here's how to do it:


Every veggie will work!! What I usually use are:

  • 4/5 small potatoes, or a sweet potato (or both)
• 3 medium size carrots 
• 1 red bell pepper
• Champignons (5 or sometimes more)
• 100g broccoli
• Smoked tofu 
• Coriander
• Curry paste (or curry powder)
• Coconut milk (in a can)
• Ginger
• Turmeric
• Olive oil 
• Salt and Turmeric (to taste)


• Start cutting all your veggies, tofu and ginger. Other alternatives to the vegetables I've mentioned could be also zucchini, green beans, eggplants or whatever lays in your fridge!

•  Fry the ginger with some oil for 2 mins in a big pot, and start putting in the veggies that will need longer to cook, such as potatoes and carrots. Let cook for 5 mins, paying attention to not let anything stick in the pan and adding some water, if needed. 

•  In the meanwhile, boil some water in a smaller pan and let the broccoli get slightly tender for a few minutes. When ready, keep it by side. You could skip this if you want your broccoli to be on the crunchier side.

•  Returning to the big pan, add the rest of the vegetables (red pepper and mushrooms), and let cook for two more minutes. Then add the coconut milk: if you want a more liquid curry, use the coconut milk can as measurement, and add the same amount of water.
At this point add the broccoli we kept aside and the tofu we cut in pieces. 

•  Last thing you need to do is: add your curry paste (or powder), turmeric and coriander. Let all cook, stirring from time to time, until the potatoes are soft! 
Then taste and add the needed salt: I prefer doing it at the end because when all the flavors are finally combined, sometimes you may need less salt than expected. 

Serve it with whatever type of carb you want.. more potatoes, rice (classic), quinoa and couscous will work perfectly too, and believe me, try it as a pasta sauce! No, no need to thank me for this last tip haha

So how does it seem to you? Easy, right? 
That's how I do it, but if something changes I'll of course let you know!

Hope you're having an awesome Sunday, and happy Easter :)

With love,


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