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7:58 PM

Every year, for every kind of festivity or celebration, there has to be someone who hates on it and says the famous words "it's just too commercial, you know?!". And who has ever said that it is not? We all have enough brain to understand it.. but it's your choice to celebrate or not with the one you love.
If you do or do not, it doesn't mean that you love more or less.. If you buy or don't buy something for your beloved one, doesn't mean that you care or care less about him/her!

Love can have a lot of meanings.. I decided to celebrate it in all its meanings today.
I am sitting in a cafe drinking a tea and eating an orange, with surprised eyes of people who turn they're necks elongating them as if they were giraffes, because the smell of orange already arrived under their noses. I watched some videos of inspiring people and learned more or less how I want to become (the "more" because I'd love to, the "less" because it needs time). I am celebrating the love for myself, and accepting in this little solitary moment all my flaws, because it's not true that I don't like them, I am perfect in my own way.

I changed my sit and came in front of a table that looks at the street, and this is actually what I wanted to do. It's 19.30 now, and so many couples are walking hands in hands, looking curious, maybe searching for a restaurant for tonight's dinner! Some seem to speak, others prefer the silence. A homeless guy asks for money to people walking by and answering "no" as if they didn't have time, but for him is a day as all the others.
Some people walk alone, some nearly run to get somewhere, and some walk with the phones on their hands. But they all look kinda sweet and make me somehow smile. I am celebrating the love for human beings... all so different and all so beautiful! All like little planets in the Universe I'm in (Berlin), and all undiscovered but that impatiently wait to get discovered, they seek for attention (in a good way).

And I? I changed apartment and I'm staying at a friend's place for a little, but if I still had one, I would have spend it with my boyfriend watching some stupid movies, going to eat at our favorite restaurant and then returning home and eating again because we'd still be hungry for food and stupid movies. 
But the plans changed, and the restaurant is the only thing that remains to us tonight, without counting my little luggage. I'm going to make the best out of what I'll have, and let all the good feelings flow... and I hope that you'll do so too!

Have a wonderful night, and spending giving and receiving love: to and from everything, everyone, but especially yourself.

With love (this has never been more on point),


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  1. I agree with what you said, even if this day is commercialised,it does not mean that you can't celebrate it with people you love. It doesn't have to even be a boyfriend or a girlfriend,wife or husband. It can be your parents,your siblings, grandparents, friends...even your neighbours. And the point of it is not to buy something just to show how much you appreciate them. You can make a breakfast for someone, do the shopping for an elderly people living near you or feed the stray cats and dogs. It is all love.
    For you,I hope you will like your new home and I hope it brings you luck :)


    1. I loved the way you wrote it, it really is how you said! :) Also, with those kind of actions you don't just bring love to other people, but you fill your heart with love too!
      Thank you, Rory ♥

  2. Hope you're okay, Alba (and I don't say it just because you spent San Valentine's day alone, cause I don't celebrate it), but you seemed a little bit sad in this post and I want you to be happy ♥ Everything will be fine :)

    1. You're such a sweet human, Carmen :) more than sad, I was a little (too much) stressed and had an annoying day.. I passed then the "valentines day" dinner together with my boyfriend and enjoyed it so much, but aaaall the morning and afternoon before was just a mess! I feel much better now and I'm really inspired! Thank you for the sweet comment ♥♥