Jardin D'hiver - OOTD

3:24 PM

Bell-sleeve Top: Zara
Skirt: Zara

If once I would have done a complete outfit just with items from H&M, here I am now with all Zara clothes (even though I still have days with just H&M things haha). I guess I just got a little smarter and understood what I like, and that I can easily shop at Zara during sales! Also, now I manage to find something that I like even in the "adult" section, which is nearly scary, but feels good.

I am shooting my first outfit in this apartment, and I'll be here until the end of march.. so I need to use the pretty environment and light in here as much as I can. 
I am changing my point of view in clothes and training myself to buy just few beautiful pieces to add to my wardrobe from time to time, and that I won't regret having in the future! Months ago I found myself selling some of my things and now it feels so good and fresh. 
I guess I could have done something like this just now, since in high school I was too afraid of real changes to do it.
The whole outfit (perhaps not the shoes, but when it's cold you need to make an exceptions), gives me some french 70's vibes, and I really enjoyed it.

But hey, did you catch with me on my youtube channel? :D the name is the same as here, POLLYALBA, and it's nothing special, but I recently started feeling like creating something in other ways! My blog remains the best, anyway.. But I'd love to see you there!

With love,


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