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This month has all been about creating the right mood! 
I once realized that music can actually be "sexy", and from that moment I'm extremely attracted by certain songs. It may sound weird, let me explain better showing you the direct examples in a small but golden list: 


In this case, I'm not just suggesting you a band or a song, but the whole album!
I just got to know from the instagram of Grimes (Claire Boucher) that she made a new album a while ago, and I ran over on my Spotify to discover it.. and I have to admit, is one of the few albums in which I like every song. 
I just would have loved to listen to it in summer, because of its vibes, but I guess I'll take it back as soon as we'll see some sun here in Berlin. The genre is of course Electronic music, but with some bits of "dream pop" (just read now that this is a thing haha).. but if you're not into electronic music, don't judge before listening to it because years ago, Grimes made me literally change idea about that genre!
Also, you'll start to love her even just for the videos she makes: 

I suggest to listen to the album on spotify(my favorite song is "Pin"), but if not check out: "Realiti" and "Kill V. Maim"

Now this is kinda old school! 
It's not something I was used to, never thought of getting into this lounge music of the 70's, but this song (and the whole album) is just charming. The main characteristics are the relaxed and sexy sound (tell me if this is not sexy) and the french language that makes you just want to chill over the bed with a black turtle neck shirt, pretending you're a cool person of the 70s, or cook something with some candle lights and a glass of wine, even tho you're not hungry.
I got hyped about it mostly as soon as I came back in Berlin because the apartments here build already the mood by their own, so the song just added some more flavor to the berliner nights (that I mostly spend at home with my boyfriend because it's too cold to be social)!

Get into this sexiness here: "Troupeau Bleu


I decided to give this song a return, since I used to listen to it 3 years ago and I recently just was checking my old playlist and this popped up. Beautiful song, and probably one of the only 2 songs that I like about the band, but just because I've been too lazy to discover more of them.
The thing I feel while listening to it, is that I just want to play it with my guitar and sing along to it, maybe because it gives me a sensation that I sometimes have, that makes me say "Ahhh, I wish I could have write this song!". I unfortunately stopped writing songs since I came to Berlin, due to the fact that I don't have a guitar here, but maybe one day the inspiration (and a new guitar) will come again..

For the moment, let's listen to the song again here: "Sea Legs"


I guess with time you start to understand what "chilling" and "relax" really mean, so the concept often changes or simply gets better.. and so does the music for that purpose! And I have to say thank you to the north Europe which gave me this capacity, because if I would have continued living in italy, I believe I wouldn't have evolved to this (but who knows!?).
I knew about Bonobo, but never really got into them until last year, when my boyfriend told me this was his favorite album of them! From that evening, I just started to put them on anytime I was eating or even just during my lighter workouts/stretchings. 
Original and relaxing are my adjectives for it,

Listen to it here: "Days To Come"

I thought I had more, but that was it for this month!
I just love having my music posts on the blog because then one day I can just come here and see how I evolved, or what songs I can pick up from past years and have some good memories :)
Follow me on Spotify to see what I listen to even before I write in here on my account !

Tell me as always if you like them, suggest me if you have similar tastes in music (and especially if you don't!!) and hope you have an awesome Sunday!



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  1. Yesssss! All these are amazing. AND I LOVE GRIMES'S NEW ALBUM <3